The Buzz of Busy-ness

One of my greatest struggle this school year has been- you guessed it- being busy. I don’t know why, I have always liked being busy and productive, but this year it has drained me of my energy and frazzled my brain. But I guess I have over-booked myself this time.

You see, I am an AP Student (Literature and History), which means I can have up to 4 hours of homework a night in addition to my other classes. On top of that, I am the captain of my Color Guard. Now I know my Guard does not practice nearly as much as other sports, but being captain not only can I not miss a single practice or event, but I have or organize, teach, and think everything out before hand. I usually get to my school an half an hour early to edit drill or technique or teach my new girls things they have forgotten.

Additionally, I have my first regular job babysitting about 2-4 times a week, two hours each. It’s much better than working 20 hours a week, I know.

And you can’t forget about my church activities. I intern under the Assistant Pastor of my church Tuesday-Friday, 5 hours a week. I love my internship, but I hate the 20 minute ride there from my school. ( I hate driving now that I do it so much.) I am also a teacher for KIDS Church, I am a leader at my youth group once a week, a part of the artist community, returning to the girl’s ministry ( I was unable to go to due to Color Guard practice until the competition), and I want to do more.

Most days I don’t get home till 5, then I have homework, unless my disability called seniorittes kicks in (Don’t laugh- I thought it was a choice until if hit me this year too). That thing that happens at the end of the week that suppose to be a break? Well, yeah that’s not a break anymore.

However, I am starting to notice that I am always tired, drained, and sometimes my brain just can’t funtion. And now I think I know why. Not only am I not getting enough physical rest at 5 hours a night, but I struggle to squeeze in spiritual rest as well. I’m struggling to find time to focus on God and get closer to him.

But I’ve learned that even the little things make the biggest difference. I read a short student devotion before class in the morning, and it truely helps me get through the day as well as helps me focus on God if I keep in mind what the devotion was about.

I also am trying to pray before every class, asking God to help and bless me in my school work. Sometimes I forget but when I don’t it makes a huge difference.

Another thing I started this week was to stop listening to anything but Christmas music. I don’t believe listening to secular music is a sin, but it can lead to falling of the right path if your not careful. I think every Christian should listen to Christian music at least an half an hour every day, it truly makes an impact.

How do you make time to focus on God when you are busy?


4 thoughts on “The Buzz of Busy-ness

  1. kaitischaff24 says:

    I love this, and really, I’ve been struggling similarly. BY the end of the day, I just don’t feel like spending time with God. But this is definitely an encouragement to me right now. As for the music, AGREED! One of my current song-obsessions is “The Proof of Your Love” by For King and Country. I love it!

    • lillianl17 says:

      I love King and Country! But the song that gets me every time is I Cant Get Over You by Anthem Lights. Lets pray for each other that we find time for God amoung all the caios.

  2. automatic7 says:

    I directed a children’s play a few years ago for our church ministry–there was a frantic song about a busy bee that morphed into a sweet rocking lullaby with the refrain “Prince of Peace, Reign in Me, all I need, Prince of Peace.” I think of that all the time–not just reign like a king does, but like a jockey does to the horse he rides. WOOOOAH there, Nelly.

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