My Love For Autumn

Fall Favorites Small

I have always hated fall until now. I used to mourn whenever leaves began to fall and the temperature begins to drop. I love summer and despise, with all my being, winter. I am not sure why I suddenly love the season, but I do.

Also, as a New Englander, I know that there are many “leaf-peepers” flooding to the area, to see the “foliage”. I have never understood it though, sure it’s pretty, but not on my car or in the road (They are very dangerous on the road when they accumulate into piles- or the neighbors put them there).

Here is my list of what I love about fall!:

  1. I get to stay inside to read and write
  2. pumpkin flavored hot coffees.
  3. Sweaters ❤
  4. Yankee Candle’s fall collection
  5. Halloween (a chance to cosplay!)
  6. Okay, yes, the leaves are really pretty too.

God bless!!

~Lillian ❤


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