Hello, hello! (An Update)

Well, a lot has happened in the past week. I’ve been busy, as usual, but I’ve been feeling closer to God with each day that goes by :).

First of, I’d like to tell you all about something new happening on my blog. I have a new assignment from my internship which I am very excited about. Every week I will be creating a short devotional from each book of the Bible. Last week was genius, which I will be posting soon. Then this week is Exodus, and so on. My pastor told me it only has to be 200-300 words, but that’s so odd to me, because I can naturally pull out 500 a night after what high school has done to me! So I’m going to exclude quotations, to make it a bit more challenging.

This assignment is to prepare me for devotional and sermon writing in my future. I’m really thankful for this practice to prepare me. Every day my future is getting closer and closer and it’s starting to scare me again! But I have to cling to God and face the fact that I’m growing up, no matter how much I hate it!

Also, I’ve got a lot of ideas for post up my sleeve, so get excited! I know I am and I hope you like them!! Get ready to hear a lot more from me! 🙂

God bless!

~Lillian ❤


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