“The only way o…

“The only way out is through.” ~Robert Frost

Today I watched a video by famous New York Times Best-selling Author John Green about when he was in middle school and was bullied by his classmates. This video was not a speech or anything just a thought that he had that he wanted to share. John talked about how he wished he could say to his past self that he would survive middle school and go on to do the amazing things he does today.

John shared this quote at the close of the video and it got me thinking too. I was also once bullied by my classmates in school. My peers were awful and it effected me deeply, sinking me into depression and I believed the lies they told me about myself, as if they knew me better. However, I was made stronger by the years of torture. It made me who I am to day, not only that but I was sure of it, and I learned how to not let others effect my opinion of myself. And most of all, the situation brought me to Jesus. Before middle school, as it is for most kids, church is just a thing my family goes to on Sundays. I believed in God wholeheartedly, and I stood for my faith in Jesus from the day I was saved in the second grade, however I was not passionate about Jesus until my world was shook by bullying and I was brought to fully depend on God, find my true identity in Him, and learn how to survive middle school and then eventually life it’s self.

Now about the quote, I do love a lot of Robert Frost’s quotes- as every New Englander should, I say- but this one really speaks to me. A lot of the time when we find ourselves in hardships, we just want to break down, run away, or quit. But that won’t bring us out of this situation. We need to push forward, to the other side of the storm, to get out of it. It’s hard. It stinks. But we have to come out fighting, remembering that we will be made stronger by this, and we need to hold on to God’s promises to us to get us through it all.

There may be pain in the night, but Joy comes in the morning!!

God bless!

~Lillian ❤


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