My Top 10 Ways to De-stress

One of the reasons I started this blog was because of the stress and busyness of my life. I know that stress and being busy will follow me for the rest of life and into the ministry, however. I believe God has given me this time to figure out now how to get organized and deal with my stress. And so far, these are my top ten ways:

10. Candles, classical music and tea

This combination comes in handy when I finally get a few moments to myself in my room. After lighting the candles and laying in bed, I let myself get absorbed by the classical music, everything from the trans-Siberian orchestra to the Baroque age. Tea helps me calm down and makes me feel refreshed with out the caffeine kick from my coffee, which tends to make me jittery if I’m not getting things done. Tea is perfect for relaxing because it helps me calm down and refreshes me without the energy kick. I also have a candle from Yankee Candle that as aromatherapy to calm me down, and I swear I thought it had drugs in it when I first lit it (It put me in a “coma” in minutes).

9. A nice long shower

This might be awkward, but the shower is probably the one place I can go without being followed or interrupted by my family members. I live in a busy house of four kids (me being the eldest) and two adults (being my parents). I will admit things have calmed down here over the years- we have had family members live with us until they can get on their feet, and I one time we have 12 people in my house, my uncle and aunt who loved in with their four younger kids. But still, it can get a little crazy here, and my room is not a private place, no matter how much I tell people to leave me alone. I got another aromatherapy thing from my friend, a body soap that is for de-stressing, and it helps a lot.

8. Exercise

This method requires a little more motivation for me, but I never regret it. When we exercise, the body releases a hormone called endorphins that make us “feel great!”. Also, I can get out a lot of my frustrations this way too. My favorite way to exercise is to pull out my flag or color guard rifle and experiment, or if I have a lot of energy, do my winter routine a few times, which also makes me want to sleep afterwards.

7. A day with my friends

God has blessed me with a group of amazing friends. And when I get the chance, I just love to go do something with them, like shopping or visiting a coffee shop. I am a very social person, and I find a lot of joy from socializing and having fun with my friends.

6. Music or Reading

I love playing on my keyboard after a long day, it relaxes me and makes me forget all my troubles. I also like to put in the headphones and block out the world. Christian music helps the most, because it is encouraging and powerful and there’s always a song for what I am going through. Sometimes, however, I have a headache and can’t stand noise. So I try to find sometime or some place that’s quiet so I can read. I have always been a bookworm, and a good novel never seems to fail me when I want to get away from the world.

5. Take a walk or go somewhere

Sometimes, you just need to get out of the house. And for me and my wild household, that happens to be often. I usually try to find some reason to go somewhere, now that I have a car. However, when I don’t want to waste gas and the temperature isn’t awful (and the temperature will by awful until May/April) I’ll take a walk down the street or to the school. It helps to get away from the commotion and get a break from it all.

4. Talk it out

     Sometimes, I get really frustrated and fed up with it all. This is when I have to vent my frustration to my friend or boyfriend to get it all off my chest. I sometimes use The Thoughts Room from The Quiet Place Project to express what I need to say instead of making the mistake of using social media to vent and just causing more trouble. However, I need to be careful with it, I can’t dwell on my problems- I have to face them and move on!

3. Close my eyes, and breathe deeply. Just not think anything for 90 seconds.

A lot of the time I have to stop and breathe. I’ll get so caught up in all the things going on and that I have to do that I turn into an over-heated computer. This is why I have to make myself stop, breathe in, breathe out, and give my mind a break. Sometimes if I’m near the computer, I use The Quiet Place Project to give me that 90 seconds of rest. This gives me the refreshment I need to get through my day.

2. Sleep

A rare activity, but it usually one of the best ways to de-stress.

1. Praying and Reading God’s Word

This is defiantly something I need to do more often, but it’s the best thing to do when life gets hectic. I forget that God cares about the little things of my life as well as the big things, and He wants to help me with them. Nothing is to big or small to bring to God. He wants to take on all my burdens and help me, and I need to remember to go to God first and rely on Him.


Well there you have it! Let me know if this blog was helpful for you, or at least if you liked it.

How do you de-stress?

God bless!

~Lillian ❤


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