The story all starts when I found out I didn’t have to work today. This excited me, because it ment I could go to church for the first time in the past few weeks. I’ve missed church, but a combination of work and parades I have missed it. However, I was determined to go to church today.

So I am running late, running around, and I finally run out to my car to warm it up. Now, here in New England, winter takes it’s toll on our cars. It’s not just snow that I need to wipe off my car- there’s frost I have to scrape and I have to start it up so it’s warm enough to drive.

But my car- a 1987 Honda Accord- is not happy with the weather or me (yes, I talk to my car. Don’t judge me haha). She’s from Florida and this is her first winter on the roads of Massachusetts. I’ve had many problems with her. Today’s problems were numerous. One, my trunk has these weird secret compartments that if left open, things can come in my car. Today I had to scrape the inside of my back windshield as well as the outter side. What an interesting picture I must have been- scraping the winsheild with my broken trunk door held up with a 2 by 4 that was provided with the used vehicle.

Another thing is that she likes to freeze her doors shut. And it’s alwas the driver side that sealed. So I have to crawl in from the opposite side of my car to start her up, then kick my own door open.

But what set me off was when I drove to the gas station. No, it wasn’t the price. You see, I have a trigger inside my car that opens the door to my gas tank, much like some old trunks. However, my gas door was also frozen! Not only was this embarrassing to ask for my money back, but I couldn’t possibly make it to church with the amount of has I had!

So I sadly when home, frustrated. I even asked God why he was stopping me from following his will. After all, I was pretty comfy in my warm bed in this morning after a long weekend of SATs and winter parades. Why did I even get up if this was going to happen?

However, I know this is no mindset to have. I have to remember that God makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him and there is some reason for this. I might have been involved in an accident of my way to church. I might be needed here with my family. Maybe God just wanted me to blog this to touch someone. Or maybe I just need to do my homework.

Whatever it is, I have to trust Him, even with the little things.

Dear Father, Keep reminding me that I need to trust you in the chaios of my busy life. Help me learn to go with the flow of your will, no matter how unpredicatble the rapids get. Amen

Happy Sunday and God bless!



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