Tips For Getting More Done

With so many things on my plate, I’m starting to form a system to get things done without overwhelming myself. I think this is just another purpose for my busy season, to teach me time and project management. So far, here are some things I do to get things going once I get home.

  1. No excuses!

When I get home from my intership or practice, it can be difficult to resist the temptation to go on my phone or the computer for the rest of the afternoon or evening. I often say I need a mental break so I can get things done, and hours later I find myself still gaming and no work getting done. So, I have to force myself straight to my room, and immediatly unpack my bag to have my work out and ready to me conquered.

I also have to make sure I have no excuse to leave my room and get side tracked. I usually grab a snack and warm up some tea or coffee and keep it on my desk as I start to work. Plus, I keep my distractions far from me- aka my phone. I keep my phone across the room so that when if goes off I’ll be to lazy to get it unless I know it’s ugant.

2. Organize the swirl of thoughts in my head.

This is how I keep from overwhelming myself. I have to sit down and put my thoughts down or else it will seem bigger than it is. I use this amazing To Do list app called It’s absolutly amazing and includes many useful features. So when I’m all set up in my room, I’ll pull out the app before I place my phone across the room. I’ll write down what I need to do and small steps. I love making lists, I just like the felling of crossing things off and saying “yay! I did it!”.

3. Space it out

I have the makings of a reward system for myself as well. If I get all the big homework assignments out of the way, I’ll give myself I a little social media break before I continue. It works as long as I time myself and make sure I don’t stay on my phone for too long. It’s very easy for me to loose track of time. So I’ll have to set a timer on my phone for 15 minutes or I’ll be on it all night.

4. Prioritize, prioritize!

It’s important to get the most important and largest things done first. I was taught by my favorite teacher from 4th grade that you have to do what requires the best effort first. For example, I do my biggest histroy work first, keeping in mind that daughting AP test in may. I can leave the pointless pre-calculous worksheet for later.

5. Pray!

When I get stressed or ovewhelmed anyways, I have to remind myself to pray. God is my strength and refuge, and He will help me accomplish the work I need to do. And what a help He always is!

Any tips you have to get things done? Please comment below!

God bless!



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