Who Holds My Future?

I’ve been stressed lately. I’ve been feeling scared and have been avoiding the topic of my future. However, aren’t I suppose to be making an adventure of what’s ahead?

I have been haunted by the things to come: college loans and scholarships, college, graduating, jobs, living on my own, all of it. I’ve been scared to imagine my future because I usually jump to the worst-case scenario. But I have been forgetting something important Do I not know who holds my future?

I need to focus less on the possibilities ahead and focus more on the One who has already chosen them. God knows what is in store for me, so why should I worry? God said He shall make my paths straight, that His plans are to make me grow and not to harm me. God’s will is good and perfect, therefore everything will turn out good and perfect even if it doesn’t seem like it from my perspective.

God, please help me not to get overwhelmed by my future. After all, there are so many things to discover and learn ahead! Remind me that You have it all under control, and I can just focus on You and everything will be alright. Amen. ❤