Meditate On His Word (Joshua 1:8 NIV)

” Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.” ~Joshua 1:8

What does it mean to “meditate” on God’s Word? When I was young this verse would puzzle me. Are we suppose to meditate like the Buddhists and Yoga people do? How do I meditate on God’s Word and why?

Well, I learned that “meditation” does not mean sitting in one place for hours on end saying “Ommmm”. When reading God’s Word, the Bible, meditation is thinking over the verse over and over, seeing it from every angle and applying it to your own life. 

This is one way it was explained to me: When a cow eats, it goes out to a field and eats the grass. However, to really digest the food the way the cow needs to, the cow will throw up and eat it again (gross, right?). This is like how we should meditate on God’s Word. We think about what the verse says. We mentally chew on it, sinking it’s meaning in. Then, we look at the passage again and think of what else it could mean, or how it applies to our lives. 

The Bible is often called the Living Word because it can always apply to our lives and can have many meanings. This is why we meditate on God’s Word, to discover the many meanings and all the things we can learn from it to better ourselves.

Another way to meditate on God’s Word comes from the Hebrew word for meditation: hagah- which means to quietly speak the words of the text over and over to yourself. This helps us to 1) memorize the verses so we can remember what we read as we continue our daily lives. 2) this can often bring revelation to the meanings we are looking for in God’s word. One time I was whispering to myself the verse 2 Corinthians 5:7 . I suddenly realized that the verse said “if anyone is in Christ” instead of “anyone who prays for it, anyone who works towards it, etc” meaning that I didn’t need to work towards being new, I was new from the second I returned to God, no matter if I felt differently or not.

So, when reading God’s Word, don’t just read the words, meditate on what it says and see how it applies to your daily life!!

God bless!