3 Things I’ve Learned From Having Severe Eczema

Eczema’s a common skin condition, often dry or itchy on the hands or in the crook of the elbow. I have a severe case, and it has effected many areas of my life, especially a child. The cold causes my skin to crack open on the knuckles and sides of my hands, and when they stop bleeding, my skin is still open. I often couldn’t play in the snow or use certain soaps because it would sting (Imagine having to clean a wound with something alcohol based).

I used to despise my skin, envious of hands that were soft to the touch, and I would pray that God would heal me. But today, I realize that God taught me a lot through it. These are 3 things God taught me through eczema.

  1. Don’t Judge Others By Their Skin or Appearance 

Growing up with a skin condition, I learned others may assume things when they see my hands. I’ve been accused of cutting myself for attention whenever my hands would randomly start to bleed. Other students would run from me, assuming it was contagious. Because of this, I developed early on that just because someone has a scar or a visible condition, doesn’t mean they should be avoided or that I should assume things about them.

2. People Aren’t Always Going To Understand

On top of people assuming I am contagious, I often get dirty looks when I refuse to use Germex or go outside without my gloves. Many people respond to my eczema with, “I have that too, stop being so dramatic.” Lots of people have eczema, dry skin on the hands. Every case of eczema is different and can’t always be solved with a dab of lotion. I know now that not everyone will understand me, no matter how much I explain.

3. I Will Never Be “Normal”, No Matter How Much Work I Put Into It. 

I have always wanted to have “normal skin”. There is only one way I know to make my hands feel close to “Normal”. First, I have to do my wax treatment at night, where I dip my hands in melted wax 5 times and let it harden around my skin for 5 minutes. Then, after peeling the wax off, I put on my prescription creme from my doctor on my hands before bed and wear gloves to keep it on. The next day, I have to put on a Norwegian formula of lotion throughout the day. It’s a lot of work, and it’s never perfect. This was one of the many things that taught me that no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be like everyone else. I’m unique the way I am.


One thought on “3 Things I’ve Learned From Having Severe Eczema

  1. Skye says:

    Here’s to not being “normal” and finding peace within it. None of us are…even the “perfect” folk on the outside are desperately wishing they did not have their cross to bear. Thank you for this post. I am quite sure your wise words will touch the right hearts. I know they did mine. Blessings, Skye

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