“No Retreat, No Surrender!”

Really needed this encouragement today! Thank you!

Vincent Egoro

There are times when after making so much progress in life, and accomplishing great feats, we are hit by challenges and we become terribly discouraged. We begin to think that it is easier and better to retreat than to push ahead.

If you are faced with this situation as you are reading this, I want you to remember that “there is no victory in retreating”. Learn to burn your bridges behind you, never leave room for the enemy to tempt you through discouragement, indecision, fear and setbacks. Have the courage and faith to move on no matter what. Affirm to yourself that; “No matter how rough or how hard it gets, I am going to make it.” Keep pushing when things look dark and huge obstacles confront you. Keep pushing when you walk through “the valley of the shadow of death”, because you are not alone, others have passed through…

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