Blogging Challenge- Day 1: My Blog’s Name

Blogging Challenge- Day 1: My Blog's Name


The name of my blog came from the moment when I realized the struggle I was having in the beginning of my Senior year. I was growing up fast, transitioning from teen to adult, and it can be scary somedays and exciting during others. I wanted to start my blog to share my experience as I moved from teen to adult and all this different struggles that came along with it.

The God part of my blog is a given. I am a Christian. And I knew that I wasn’t on fire for God as I once was, and I wanted and still do want to get back to that. I need to depend on God in this time and spend more time with Him, finding time in my busy schedule.

And being busy is really what my life has become and probably will stay this way. I am always running from place to place, always have something to do. But I know that this is God preparing me for the life ahead and the busy job that is to come. Learning to cope when busy and stressed, and finding time for what’s truly important, like God and family, is what God’s trying to show me.

I know that my blog is and will help me with all these things. These three focuses of my life right now are why I titled my blog “Growing Up, God, and Being Busy”. Thank you for reading!

Why did you choose the title of your blog?


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