Time is ticking…

Recently, every time I look to the date I gulp or gasp inside a little.

You see, next month is my birthday. And as January comes to a close, I am getting more and more anxious. I simply I don’t want to grow up. But it’s inevitable. Aging feels like I’m going 50 mph towards a moose and my brakes just gave out. (Side note: you know you live in New England when you have nightmares of getting into accidents with moose and deer, no joke, I had one on the way home yesterday).

Every day that has passed since I started this blog has shown me that “making an adventure of it” is easier said than done. It’s like no matter what I do, I can’t find appeal to growing up like I used to. I’m not looking forward to bills and being in debt. I don’t want to find out what struggles I will find in college and beyond. And most of all, I don’t want to give up being lazy! Seniorites is kicking my be-hind more than ever, but the “I’m a teenager, leave me be” excuse is getting old. Oh wait, no that’s me!

I don’t want grey hair or monthly bills. I don’t want responsibility or duty. I’m even getting nervous over getting married and having a family far down the road!

Alas, I know that if I continue to dwell on my worries I will just become more sour. I need to sit up, suck it up, and go forward. I need to trust God and deal with my issues.No more wining, just do. That’s all part of growing up, right?

Thanks for dropping by for a little tid-bit of my thoughts! God bless!


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