Blogging Challenge- Day 2: 20 Facts about me!

Blogging Challenge- Day 2: 20 Facts about me!

Sorry guys! I did finish this post yesterday, however I forgot to schedule it to post!

Alright, 20 Facts about me, in case your interested in any way. Here we go!

  1. I go to an Assemblies of God church.
  2. I want to go to Northpoint Bible College next year.
  3. I want to study youth ministry to become a youth pastor.
  4. My favorite color is purple.
  5. I love all things that shine, sparkle or glitter!
  6. I have 3 younger siblings, 2 brothers and a sister.
  7. I’m a ministry intern at my church under Pastor Jay
  8. I sing for Fine Arts and went to Nationals in Louisville.
  9. I also write stories, poems and articles.
  10. I’m an AP student (college level classes in high school)- Last year I took English and European History, and this year I am taking US History and Literature.
  11. I love musicals- I a staring in my school’s musical this year as Dolly Tate.
  12. I’m a bookworm, I love to read anything and everything!
  13. I am color guard captain at my school, absolutely love guard!
  14. I addicted to coffee, but I love tea too!
  15. I turn 18 in a month!
  16. I babysit for a job.
  17. I’ve been in a relationship for almost 2 years.
  18. My favorite verse is Luke 1:45 “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!”
  19. I hope to become a worship leader as well.
  20. I am working on a project, an internet ministry for teen girls. Please stay tuned for more info!

What is an interesting fact about you?


One thought on “Blogging Challenge- Day 2: 20 Facts about me!

  1. kaitischaff24 says:

    So I LOVE this idea, and I am doing the challenge also! Great idea!! Random fact: I love art and creative things, doing things with my hands!

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