Tips for Keeping God in the Center of Your Relationship

In the theme of valentine’s day, I wanted to write a post for my fellow teens. Today there will be many teens today going out of dates with their valentines, hopefully looking for love. Many Christian teen couples often hear advice to “keep Christ in the center” of their relationship. Well, I find that often teens don’t know what that means! Today I want to shed some light on this subject for other teen couples.

I’ve been in a wonderful relationship for almost 2 years now with the man of my dreams. Don’t get me wrong though, we’ve definitely had our ups and downs. It can be a real hard struggle, but God gets us through it every time. Time and time again i find that if God’s not our main focus, hell breaks loose. So, here I will sharing tips that I find help keep Jesus in the middle and help keep a Godly relationship:

1. Pray Together

As a Christian, I have found that a lot of things start with prayer. A Godly relationship is no exception. When couples pray together, it builds their roots in Christ so they can depend on Him. What should couples pray to God about? Everything! Praise God for each other, ask God for freedom from temptation, go to God for relationship advice, and pray for one another’s personal problems. My dates with my boyfriend always went better when we prayed together before we did anything else.

2. Never Skip Church to Hang Out

Trust me, you may be burning for personal time, but church will benefit your relationship so much more. Couples should go to church together, but it’s okay if you go to separate churches if you both make sure to go. It always builds the spiritual bond between a boy and girl and helps them look towards God. But don’t just go to church- worship God and listen to the sermon. God is always looking to teach us something new to help us in our lives- this includes our relationships!

3. Follow God’s Word

And I mean all of it! Never think that you are an exception to God’s Law. The Bible has many rules for relationships to help them, protect them, and make them stronger. Some examples are:

  • Don’t have sex outside of marriage (1 Thes 4:3-5, 1 Cor 6:18)
  • Don’t have relationships with non-Christians (2 Cor 6:14)
  • Don’t have a relationship before you are ready (SoS 2:7)

There’s more as well. Couples should read the Bible together and discover what God wants to teach them.

4. Talk About Spiritual Matters

I have found that teens can be timid when it comes to talking about their spiritual matters with their boyfriend/girlfriend. It can be hard to open up about something to personal, especially when things are hard to explain and you’re not sure if they will understand. But it is so important if you are having a serious Godly relationship. God may be working a great work in you and if you don’t discuss it with your boyfriend/girlfriend, they might not understand why you are acting so differently. If God gives you a word for your relationship, don’t assume you can just work it in to your relationship without telling the other what God has said. Make sure you share with them what God is doing inside of you!

If you are a teen reading this, please follow my blog (through wordpress or email or just bookmark me) and comment if you have any topics or questions you would like me to blog about. I would love to hear what you think!

Happy Valentine’s Day, and God bless!!

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