I’m Officially a Grad!


…At least for 3 months.

Last weekend I finally made it to that ever so monumental day: Graduation! The rest of the Class of 2014 and I marched across the field and received our diplomas. We then said good-bye to our public school careers. There were tears, shouts of joy, family members with flowers and tiny teddy bears, and many many pictures.


I am very happy to be leaving high school and I’m excited for my future. Although I’m going to miss a lot about high school, I’m counting down the days to becoming a Northpoint Bible College student (73!). Yet, I will remember where I came from and what I have learned (well, the important stuff anyways) for the rest of my life.

Thank you to my family and friends who have supported me for years and helped me become who I am today. Most of all, I have to praise God for getting me here and for the future He has planned for me.

Congrats Class of 2014! Go out and change your world!


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