Identity, Struggle, and Potential

Today I’d like to share another post being transparent in my struggle and what I’m learning from it. Today I want to talk about Identity.

I’ve been struggling with knowing who I really am for some time. I often feel that I’m not the same person as I used to be, that I’m not reaching my full potential. Feeling confident is hard, but it never used to be.

One day, I found an article written by a psychologist about identity crisis. She wrote that people start to question their identity after a foundational shift in their life, whether it is where they work, live, or in family situations, etc. I realized this is my problem. Not only did I start college, but I don’t have a room at home anymore, and my family is turned upside down.  With this happening, I have lost a foundation- a norm that has been there my entire life. This creates a feeling of instability which robs me of confidence in who I am.

In the last month, I made more of an effort to put my foundation in God. The Bible says God is our Rock. If we stand on Him, we stand firmly on solid ground (Matthew 7:24-27). In order to make God my Rock, I have to study His Word, do what it says, and depend on God every single day. And when I depend on God, my foundation never shifts, because God is constant and trustworthy.

With this dependence on God, I learn more about who God is and about myself. Knowing I’m created in God’s image and being loved by Him slowly reveals to me my identity in Him. I feel more confident because I know He is guiding me. I know I am valuable because of what He has done for me. And I am learning to love every part of myself, because God created me and God doesn’t make mistakes.

Through this struggle, I have learned that without God and self approval, we never reach our full potential. We can’t do anything without God (John 15:5). If you feel like you are doing than you could be, I encourage you to check your heart in two matters: how you see yourself and how dependent you are on God. You might find that you have done what I did- I let my struggle become my identity. 717c09cb8236bbb337c493334eaf6d1c

You may feel insecure about yourself- but you don’t have to be an insecure person. You may feel alone- but you don’t have to do it alone. You may struggle with sin- but you don’t have to be a sinner. Let the Truth of God’s Word rise above how you feel. Focus on what God says about you, not on your emotions or doubts. After all- how can God be wrong?

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God bless,

Lillian ❤


13 thoughts on “Identity, Struggle, and Potential

  1. Michaela M. says:

    Most of my life I’ve struggled with Identity also. I’ve constantly struggled with my confidence and self-esteem level as a result of some events that occurred a few years ago. But after an encounter with God on a missions trip a few years ago, that all completely changed. I realized, like you said that my struggle was my identity, and I needed to change that. Now my thoughts about myself didn’t change over night, I still struggle with my identity sometimes, but it’s getting better. I now have the confidence to really and truly be who God has called me to be and I’m so grateful for God’s grace. Loved this post!

  2. joseph elon lillie says:

    I think we all go through periods of identity crisis. It is in those season s that we have an opportunity to discover ourselves. It is important when the earthly things we pinned our identity to fall away that we don’t go tying our identity to another earthly thing. We need to commit to finding out who we are in God. Who he really made us to be. I am proud that you are pursuing these answers in Christ Lilian.

  3. debbestillandlisten says:

    I love this statement you made, “And when I depend on God, my foundation never shifts, because God is constant and trustworthy.” There is such truth in these words and a great encouragement, thank you!

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