An Urgent Call For Spiritual Parents

Amen, Amen, and Amen. This post is beautiful! A must read for all Christian adults.

Kat's Guide to 21

This is not the blog post I was planning to publish next. In fact, I have another post almost ready to go, that I’ve been working on for weeks. But I feel a sense of urgency to get this out there.

Tonight, I saw a sea of young people respond to God with open hearts, and hands raised high. I saw young girls realise that God had chosen them, that they were special and loved and worth something. I saw young guys become filled with purpose and passion, in the most vulnerable yet exciting way.

I saw all of this, and yet something lays unsettled in my spirit.

Here’s the thing: young people need more than just a leader telling them about Jesus. They need spiritual parents to SHOW them how Jesus loves.

There is a call to all Christian adults… Your young people, the ones who go crazy in…

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