Internship Update: I Made It!

After two longs days of traveling from Massachusetts to Michigan, I finally made it! It was a long ride of ups and downs, but soon it will be all worth it.

So this is  a small post, but I just wanted to keep you, my readers, updated on the next adventure of my life (Read more here). Please keep me in prayer and I will be updating you soon!

I also have other posts plans such as devotionals and life topics, so make sure you check back or follow my blog (whether on wordpress or by email) so you will be able to see when I post.

See you soon!

~Lillian ❤


One thought on “Internship Update: I Made It!

  1. ropheka says:

    It will be a challenging time which will bring you closer to our Beloved. He has called me to serve in foreign countries where I did not know the language and was all alone. It was very difficult but well worth it.

    Jehovah bless you with peace, love, wisdom, grace and humility upon your Odyssey with Him.

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