The Benefits of Having a Prayer Journal

I think having a prayer journal is one of the most helpful tools to getting closer to God, especially when you are as busy and as scatter brained as I am. In you want to focus more on prayer, consider starting a prayer journal!

Peaceful Single Girl

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Some of you may like to journal a lot – like I do. Others may not be into long journal entries, and may prefer to jot things down very briefly. Some people are more visual than verbal and like to keep pictures of people they are praying for in a little envelop or in a pocket in their journal. Some people prefer to have a prayer calendar and write requests and note answers to prayer on the calendar. Whatever style is fine! But there is just something amazing about writing out our praises to God, our thanksgiving, our confession, and our prayer requests.

  • It helps me to stay focused instead of allowing my mind to wander.
  • Sometimes I write down verses that really speak to me to help cement them in my memory. They stay with me much longer that way than if I just read them one time.
  • It…

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