How to Make Others Feel Loved

howtoothersOne of the biggest things I am learning as I intern with Youth Alive is how to make others feel loved. The men and women I work with really show great love for everyone, and from watching them, I have learned the secrets to making people feel loved. Its easy and simple, and you can do this anywhere and everywhere you go, no matter who you meet. From random strangers to best friends, here is how you can make others feel loved.

1. Listen

It’s very simple, and you have probably heard it before. The first thing you have to do to make someone feel loved is to listen to what they are saying. Notice what they are passionate about, learn lessons from them, hear how they are feeling.

2. Ask Questions

This is the important part of making people feel loved. To show others that you care about them, ask them questions. Nothing is too small to ask about. Ask them what they are passionate about. Ask for explaining on a topic they mention. Question how they do things and what they think about topics. Ask about their plans or ideas.

Bonus: The 1/4 Rule

A simple rule I use to help me in conversations is the 1/4 Rule. For every 1 sentence or comment about yourself or your life, there should be at least 3 sentences about them or what they are talking about.

What makes you feel loved when talking to other people?

Comment below so we can chat and share ideas!


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