An Important Reminder to All Servants of God

ReminderSomething that has been on my heart during my internship is the difference between serving people and serving God. I feel like it is all too common for people who are working in ministry to get wrapped up in the “steps” of the job and forgetting their real calling.

While working in ministry, it can be really easy to start making the right moves to serve people, to get the right reaction from people, and to get wrapped up in what people want from you. This is often out of good intentions, but it is not what a minister is called to do.

A minister of God is support to serve God. (And every Christian is a minister of God- 2 Cor 5:20). To listen to God what to do. To be guided by the Spirit on the right steps. We can not forget this. We can not do what people want us to do. We need to do what God wants us to do.

What are your thoughts on this topic? What helps you remember to serve God and not people? Comment below and we can discuss!

~Lillian ❤

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5 thoughts on “An Important Reminder to All Servants of God

  1. Dave Bronson says:

    That whole “Guided by the spirit” thing is just rife with problems. “The Spirit” was used to start war after war after killing after killing. I went to a church that swore by that teaching, and it ended up just some wacked out superstitious bunch of people grasping at straws. I am not saying there isn’t a Spirit of God, and I am not saying that It doesn’t speak in some circumstances, but I feel it is rare. Also, we are so susceptible to our own understanding: Cultural beliefs, personal experience, inexperience with other understandings, that unless it is a burning bush speaking out loud, I find it is almost impossible to discern. Some would say that the Spirit’s utterances can be tempered with Scripture, but the Bible is taken in a thousand different ways, including violent and harmful ways, and it is so commonly used to defend personal beliefs that it has become a source that is completely ignored, or even seen as caustic. I find it much more beneficial to simply act in love and servitude to everyone around me. I think that this is what Jesus taught, and it is challenging enough to be humble in this way without adding other challenges.

    • lillianl17 says:

      I understand your position, and I do believe it can be confusing. People often get the Spirit confused with so many things like emotions and fears. However, I’ve learned that the Spirit is A) leads everyone differently and B) doesn’t lead us to do anything against God’s Word or disorderly. God created each person differently and made our minds different for a reason. The Spirit leads me through feelings and pointing out things I can’t see on my own. While my fiance, who is much more intellectual, is lead by the Spirit in logical reasoning and thought processes. And while the OT often included some gruesome and times of war, I don’t believe the Bible is telling us to be violent. People often use the Spirit to justify crazy or violent acts, but I don’t believe the Spirit would lead us against God’s Word. Also, God is a God of order and I don’t think God wants us to act like chickens with cut off heads just because we are in the “Spirit”.

    • lillianl17 says:

      I have also been learning that many people imagine the Spirit to be like this bright, mystical force like the light that hypnotizes fish to follow it like in Finding Nemo. I have been learning that the Spirit is a lot less mystical than we think, that being Spirit-lead doesn’t rid all fear, doubt, or thought. The Spirit doesn’t possess us like we are puppets and directs every move and word. If it were that way, we wouldn’t need faith.

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