Support Me and My Fiance

beachHello, dear reader! First of all, thank you for reading the posts on my blog. It means the world to me whenever we share ideas and beliefs, celebrate what God has done, and connect as the Church. 

As part of the adventure of growing up, money can be crucial as well as rare. I have to testify that God has been so good and provided for me in different areas of my life. Looking to my future, I see more ways that I am going to need God to provide again. I am entering my second year at Northpoint Bible College and have the goal of no private loans. I am getting married in a year and even with the cheapest options (without eloping haha), it is still a lot of money. And being married is going to change things, because I will not be financially supported by my parents. Car problems, loan payments, regular expenses, travel, etc are always needed to be met.

So with prayer I have decided to open another door to let God prove through you.

If you feel God is putting on it your heart to help support my fiance, Garrick, and I, please consider the following:

  1. Sending me money through my paypal. (Email me at for more details)
  2. Send me a check in the mail. (Email me^) 

Please do not feel like you need to send me a huge amount, even foreverbeginsjust a few dollars goes a long way. You can even specify what you would like your donation used for, like my wedding, everyday expenses, my school bill, loan payments, or even for the ministries I am in ( I am the director of children’s ministries at my church and a Youth Alive intern).

But most of all, please keep my fiance and I in your prayers as we enter this next stage in our lives together. It will be hard, but God is good, all the time.

Thank you so much for considering supporting me and praying for me. And thank you for reading my blog!

I will see you next time! God bless!

~Lillian ❤

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